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3DBear AR is an innovative learning application that allows users to build Augmented Reality scenes using virtual 3D models and their surroundings. It adaptably allows educators to teach various content in any grade level and any subject using Augmented Reality, 3D-printing and 21st century skills. In addition to the app, our gamified lesson plans, class management tool and professional network are available to help teachers to integrate the technology effectively.


Co-developed with the best Finnish teachers, and further refined to align with international curricular standards, 3DBear AR has been proven effective in enhancing students’ learning experience, class performance and overall engagement. It is more than just a tool to get acquainted with emerging technologies, it is a medium that allows students to visualize their creative thinking and prepare for the rapidly changing world.


21st century learning should be holistic and enable students to pick up skills needed for future challenges. 3DBear AR is not only designed to address these needs, but also built on the modern framework of project-based and collaborative learning.


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'Build your own drone' learning module is available for customers.

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See also: Finnish National Agency for Education asked us to do national support material for teachers (URL)


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Ready made assets in Tinkercad that you can freely modify

Useful Tinkercad tutorial videos

Pekka Peura, Physics & Math teacher from Martinlaakso Upper Secondary school talks about transformation in learning.


Check out the project page for a National Board of Education of Finland on "Future of 3D printing", which is about involving students in the design of the build environment using 3D printing and Augmented Reality (AR).