3DBear AR For maine


3DBear provides a tool for learning higher order skills via 3D design in augmented reality (AR). Our solution has been developed in Finland - the best educational system in the world.

We have lesson plans available for pre-K, elementary schools, middle schools and libraries in ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, Coding, Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, and STEM/STEAM.

Students learn these skills through such engaging activities as creating a colony in Mars, redesigning your school, re-enacting historical scenes, creative storytelling, learning about 3D math, coding a castle, creating smart cities and learning social- and emotional skills in AR.


  • Ready made well-thought pedagogical content for learning 21st century skills and for project-based learning.

  • A thriving community for sharing your own lesson ideas.

  • Students create and design 3D worlds anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to trigger-based AR and roam free without limits.

  • Access to millions of 3D models to bring into augmented reality and the option for students to bring in their own.

  • Perfect way of visualising design ideas and learning through iteration and design thinking.

  • A mobile makerspace!


“Students and teachers are highly engaged.”

“Students enjoy using 3DBear and are able to focus on the task for long time periods.”

“Kinesthetic, visual and non-verbal students flourish when using 3DBear.”

“Using 3DBear eliminates the bottlenecks of 3D printing.”

“My most struggling students were able to shine.”


Questionnaire for participating in 3DBear trial in Maine and signing up for the free webinar

Do you have devices for the trial? *
See technical requirements here.
Will you be willing to share some of the student works? *
So that e.g. others in Maine see what you have done with the tool.
Would you be willing to participate in an extended trial funded by the Perloff foundation? *
This can involve classrooms with up to 30 students (value $199 each) or libraries as a building license (value $499).
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