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3DBear provides a complete solution for learning academic and higher order skills via 3D design in augmented reality (AR). Our solution has been developed in Finland - the best educational system in the world.

Lesson plans available for Elementary school, Middle school and High school in ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, Coding, Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, and STEM/STEAM.


  • Students and teachers are highly engaged.

  • Students enjoy using 3DBear and are able to focus on the task for long time periods.

  • Kinesthetic, visual and non-verbal students flourish when using 3DBear.

  • Using 3DBear eliminates the bottlenecks of 3D printing.

  • My most struggling students were able to shine.

Program prices

$490 per school + $2 per student

We will accommodate your purchasing procedures.

We can lead additional classes or professional development: $850/half-day, $1500/day.

Schools who join before 1st of November 2018 get 33 % discount.


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