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Librarian at Oregon Middle School, Medford, NY

"For three hours to keep middle school students focused is quite impressive. They are not normally like this. A wonderful learning experience for my students. They were so excited and engaged!"



Teacher at Rosebud Primary School, Hong Kong

"3DBear encourages critical thinking, creativity, better judgement and decision making. It’s good for media literacy. It certainly helps classroom engagement and therefore management, because students are highly motivated to finish their tasks."

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Emerging Technology Teacher at Riverview Junior Senior High School in Oakmont, PA

"The use of 3D Bear and tools for AR provide such powerful opportunities for students to explore objects or places, in ways that traditional tools such as textbooks and videos cannot. It enables students to have more control over how they are learning. Augmented and virtual reality tools bring never before possible learning experiences, such as travel and the use of holograms, to students."



K-12 district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School in Van Meter, Iowa

"The moment my students starting creating their own AR using the 3D Bear, they were hooked!  To see them engaged and excited about learning, creating and interacting in new ways was the best!  They love using this technology to share stories, interests and things they are passionate about sharing.  3D Bear is truly a game changer for libraries and classrooms!  We can't wait to tie it into the curriculum and throughout our community."


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Founder, Executive Director, Digital Citizenship Institute

“What I really like about 3DBear is the opportunity to add layers of opportunities for all learners to be content creators, to solve real problems in local, global, and digital communities through augmented reality.”



“3DBear has given my students a forum to express their creativity and individuality. Students were empowered by using technology and to actually have the ability to make their ideas come to life! Students loved using the app and I look forward to incorporating it more into my classroom!”

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Keski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä KEUDA

“Augmented Reality in Education. Now easier, cheaper, safer and even with more fun! We are not very far. But we have started with the AR. We are on the Right Track. For the Schools the New technologies (like Augmented Reality) and teaching methods are already now important prerequisites to stand out in the competition. Students who master these skills will have no trouble finding Jobs. In the Future Work Life utilizing the Augmented Reality will be one critical success factor. For example many Learning environments where the students are studying at this moment will be revolutionized with the Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions.” Read here what we have done so far:



ICT Teacher, Radom Technical School, Poland

"Kids have so many impulses from many devices that they are bored where they need to use typical paper books without multimedia.Why we don’t want to invite technology to our classrooms, why we don’t want to teach in cognitive way. Touch, taste, try – it’s a base to cognitive learning, immersive learning. 3DBear is a perfect example of immersive and cognitive tool. This app works in full symbiosis between the teacher and the student. Successively updated library of elements gives unlimited possibilities of using this tool for all kinds of lessons, at all levels."

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"3DBear is an open-ended creation tool you can use with students in an endless number of ways. For example, students might redesign your school using 3DBear as they explore concepts in geometry. Students could reenact historical scenes in the social studies classroom or tell a story based on a book they’ve read. From math and science to social studies and English Language Arts, you can use 3DBear in the classroom in numerous ways!"

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"3DBear allows our students to be the masters of their own digital universe."


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